What is PAN


India is one of the world's fastest growing economies, and every year many thousands of workers from around the world move to India to start work on a temporary or permanent basis. Trying to understand the tax and administration systems in a new country can be confusing, but one of the key pieces of paperwork which anyone working in India needs is the PAN card, or Permanent Account Number.

Our Most Unique Services

Apply for New PAN

If you are an individual and have never applied for PAN card and do not hold any PAN card number.

Apply for Correction in PAN

If you are an individual and want PAN with change in Name, Father's Name, Date of Birth, Address, Signature or Photo.

Apply for lost or damaged PAN

If you are an individual and have PAN card number or copy of your PAN card or if you have lost your PAN card.

Who Can Apply?

Association Of Persons
Body Of Individuals
Artificial Juridicial Person
Local Authority

Structure of PAN Card

Permanent Account Number is effective because of its uniqueness. It is an interesting thing to learn about the structuring of PAN. There is a lot of hidden information that goes into the making of the Permanent Account Number. PAN is generated automatically by the online system by taking into account the information furnished by the PAN applicant.